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Seared scallops with morels, asparagus purée, tomato, radicchio, brunoise.

Juno Kim Catering


Vancouver-based Social Entrepreneur

University of British Columbia Alumni 

Beginning as an academic, my experience at an independent clothing boutique pushed me towards entrepreneurship. Through inspirational figures, such as Kevin Royes and Craig + Mark Kielburger, I have since moved towards the realm of social entrepreneurship. With a keen interest in education, food and fashion, I am always looking to create novel, socially beneficial projects that I can truly be passionate about.

I'm a self-taught cook that is extremely passionate about food. My foray into cooking began with my interest in discovering delicious creations at the many incredible restaurants Vancouver is blessed with. One day, I picked up a cookbook and decided to try making a dish myself. I was hooked.

I began studying the culinary arts a few hours a day, every day. I analyzed each step in the cooking process, and determined the purpose of it; I could then figure out how to optimize each step to construct my vision. My education in psychology, economics and science has given me a unique approach to food. This multidisciplinary approach allows me to analytically design the experience I aim to create.


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