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Surf 'n turf steak salad with a dry aged ribeye, prawns, red onions, cilantro, parsley, parsley x jalapeño purée, pea shoots, citrus sea salt, lime juice and zest

Juno Kim Catering


I design and create multiple course dining experiences. Focusing on utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients, my cooking emphasizes balance and harmony, while creating a multidimensional taste experience. Additionally, we provide food styling and photography for film and print, menu consultation, and lessons and workshops.

Through my education in science, economics and psychology, I am able to view cooking analytically, without straying from the experiential aspect of dining. A lot of thought and intent goes into creating my meals. From building the perfect menu with the host, to creating complex depth of flavours, everything is done with a purpose in mind.

I also don't believe in cutting corners. This is first, and foremost, a passionate, socially conscious venture. While other businesses worry about their bottom line, I care about providing a unique experience, while making a real impact in our community.

10% of all profits go to empowering the Vancouver Downtown Eastside through local non-profit organizations.

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